Ohio Valley Dog Owners, Inc.

Protecting dogs, dog owners and our neighbors
through education and community service

OVDO Membership form

We need your help. . . .

Please enroll me or my organization as a member of Ohio Valley Dog Owners Inc.
so we can help protect the interests of dogs and dog owners throughout the area.

Name: ________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ______________________________________________ Telephone: _________________

FAX: ___________________________ e-mail: _________________________________

I can help with ( _ ) Media contacts( _ ) Legislative contacts ( _ ) Speaker’s bureau
( _ ) Education booths ( _ ) Legal issues ( _ ) Newsletter articles
( _ ) Testimony for or against various bills ( _ ) Locally and/or ( _ ) In Columbus

Type of membership: ( _ ) Individual, $15 (1-vote) ( _ ) Clubs & organizations: $35 (5 votes)
( _ )Additional donation: ______

Please send me _______ OVDO bumper stickers (I am a dog owner & I vote) at $1each. Bulk orders of 10 or more, add $1 postage for each unit of 10.

Enclosed: Membership dues _______________
Donation _______________
Bumper Stickers _______________
Hijacking the Humane Movement _______________
Total: _______________

Mail completed form with check or money order to Traci Bradley, 9294 Dundee Drive, West Chester, OH 45069. For information about OVDO handouts on responsible dog ownership, breed-specific ordinances, dog number limits, and breeding restrictions, e-mail ovdogo01@canismajor.com.


Membership information

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